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Kael's Housing Tour - WildStar Addon

WildStar's interface leaves plenty of room for improvement. This project makes it easier to navigate public properties in the game.

Lua Apollo

Ultima VII Party Planner

A beautifully useless web application I made to learn backbone.js.

jQuery underscore.js backbone.js

PVAMU Computer Science Department

A school project to remake an existing website. Another student and I took on the school's Computer Science Department site.


xkcd Time - at your own pace

The most popular thing I've ever done on the Internet. This site gathers the frames from the xkcd comic Time and presents them in an easy to use scroll wheel fashion.

The ultimate complement was an email from xkcd's creator, Randal Monroe, letting me know he found this tool easier to navigate his comic over his own. When the official comic ended it links to this project.

This was also the first work I've done with others. I started it, but through github others contributed--an all around exciting experience.


The Engines of Our Ingenuity Streamer

Looking back on this over a year later, I'm surprised it still works. It scrapes UH's Engine's website to present the transcript and audio for each episode in an easier to use format.

This project was done with the consent of the University of Houston and Dr. John Lienhard.


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Why geekwagon.net?

Like many geeks that tinker there was a time in my life I needed a domain. Maybe I wanted a forum for some video game, I thought I'd get rich from web advertisements, or maybe I thought I'd make it as a web designer.

When I purchased this domain I was living in a travel trailer, an Airstream. It was a neat way of life that I was able to pull off for about six years. I fondly refereed to my home as the geek wagon.

I've since remade it into a vanity/portfolio site, and set up jamespryor.net as a mirror. I continue to use it as a place to test new ideas. The source for this site is available on github. For a long time I had a rule that everything on this site was coded by hand, no libraries or frameworks. Then I decided I wanted something cross-browser friendly that didn't take all my free time to develop. I use some third party resources, but I keep them limited.